My role: creative director / head of content

Special thanks: Andre Marchesi, Lucas Silva, Marcelo Saravá.

In Latin America, Pepsi Twist (Pepsi with a touch of lemon) is represented by beloved characters: the Lemons. They appear in ad campaigns, and social media, as Pepsi employees.

As part of the “make me a flavor” campaign, Ruffles intended to put in the market a special edition with lemon. How could Pepsi, another PepsiCo brand, help promote the new flavor in social media?

We brought back the beloved lemons – just to fire them. Instead of only promoting a new product, we integrated the two brands in a story told 100% in social media,
showing how the Pepsi Twist lemons ended up inventing Ruffles lemon flavored.


17 millions reach / 900k reactions / 10k share

46k app download game / 96% positive mentions

The campaign was so successful that Ruffles decided to increase production, extend distribution and keep the product longer on the shelves.